Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Response to 7/13 request thread

So I will try my best to answer the request from the previous thread. But if you have a request and this thread is already up please put your request in the most recent thread. To start things off, Westside my computer is a Windows Vista 64 bit, it has a AMD Phenom Quad core processor, 5 gigabytes of ram, a Nvidia GeForce 450 GTS video card, and a 550 watt power supply (I don't believe any computer OS is better then the other, but I stick to Windows since its the first OS I used and I currently enjoy using.)

Bigshanks, Well when you ask for tricks I'm guessing you mean little secrets they put into the windows system. I'm guessing there are different ones for each upgrade but I will try to share what I can. My personal favorite is the music file on all Windows that most people don't know about. The way that you find this is by going into your C drive (or the drive where you store all your information in), then you go to the Windows file, open up the Media file, and play onestop. I found onestop pretty catchy to be honest. But a good location for more of this kind of thing is .

Stuart, The biggest video card companies out there as of now is Nvidia and ATI. When using either one it is usually quite difficult to tell the difference between when your using one or the other. But when you are trying to wring out all of the power of the video card, it is to my understanding the Nvidia is better at giving you performance (constant solid movement), and ATI is better at giving you the best picture quality.

This Guy, I'm going to have to put this one on hold. I think I will have to research that on a bit more before I can say anything useful.
Shaw, I will need to know more specifics on what it is that you need this program to do.
Reuel, you actually tripped on one of my weaknesses on this one. I don't really do cell phones, the only time I had one was about 5 years ago and that was only because it was free. So I can't honestly give information and say that it will work in this situation, sorry.

That will be it for this post. If you enjoyed the information on this post please feel free to check out the rest of my post. Have a good day on the day you see this.