Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monster Hunter

     There is nothing like killing a giant dragon for the first time after working hard to learn how it moves, fights, and runs. Monster Hunter is one of my favorite games of all time and there are no other games out there that compare to it. With a market that is over flooded with Call of Duty and World of Warcraft clones, Monster hunter is a nice fresh breath of air.

     You start off as a hunter who has nothing but thin leather armor and a sword as you set out to better yourself so you can take on monsters of giant proportions. As you mine, harvest, and skin your way through this game there always feels like you are accomplishing something. It's not about getting your kill counter up high enough so you can unlock some useless achievement. It is about finding and fighting your way to better your arsenal to prepare yourself for an even bigger fight then any of the ones you ever find yourself getting used too.

     The progression isn't unrealistic either, when you start out you will be killing creatures the same height you are to get yourself your first self made set or armor and weapons. Only once you feel prepared can you take on something that is somewhat bigger and as you progress the monsters get bigger and bigger until you actually can't fit it on the screen unless you are a good distance back.

    So before you go to pick up your next fps shooter, I think you should all give this game a try. For now due to poor advertising and support, it is much more limited for choices that you have of Monster Hunter in any area outside of Japan and Korea. But there are currently versions out for the PSP, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. But trust me, any version is worth it.

     Here is a video that covers most of the gameplay and elements if you want to see how the game runs while you play. Until next post, have a good one.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recommended Youtubers

     I think its time to change up the blog a bit. From now on I will be doing varied post about whatever I feel like posting at the time I make it. But this time I feel like sharing my favorite youtube channels that I tend to visit on a normal basis, in no particular order.

     DeceasedCrab is one of my first favorite when it comes to Lets players (people who play games and commentate over it, feel free to join them if you want). He has been making videos for a long time now and I still enjoy his old and new videos. He generally plays older or more unique games that you don't see many other people play. His commentary is quite whimsical and humorous most the time, at least as long as he isn't making a video after having dental surgery...
(Thanks to Lord-Hayati from for the picture.)


     Green9090 is a newer find for me, but I have been enjoying his videos. Quite a few of his videos are Lets plays,  but other times he is doing his best to introduce games he has found and finds interesting. His favorite type of games are ones that have randomly generated game-play mechanics, for example Binding of Isaac which makes up a majority of his videos. I especially enjoy his content of games he has found for most of them look very unique compared to most mainstream copy paste games.


     Jared mainly has videos of game reviews. His reviews are great from the standpoint of knowing that what he is saying is his own opinion as an experienced video gamer. He has overflowing passion that leaks out from every video he makes, which makes you feel like he actually cares about the game he is reviewing whether he is for or against the game. Also as a fellow Monster Hunter fan he earns a second thumbs up from me.


     Lastly, but definitely not least, Day9 the Starcraft caster. He has live streams nearly every single day of him teaching you how to become a better Starcraft player. His enthusiasm still surprises me every time I open one of his videos. Especially at the fact that he is nearing his 600th daily, the fact that he is able to come up with more and more informational content of Starcraft is astonishing. Even if you don't play Starcraft competitively you will still obtain enjoyment from watching his videos. He does very well at making it feel like he is there talking with you and not at you.

    Well for now that will be the end of the youtubers that I have been watching recently. This isn't a full list of all the channels I watch but I tried to mention the ones that really stand out to me. I hope this has led you to find new enjoyable videos to watch. Though I may not know when it will be, but I will see you next post.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Response to 7/13 request thread

So I will try my best to answer the request from the previous thread. But if you have a request and this thread is already up please put your request in the most recent thread. To start things off, Westside my computer is a Windows Vista 64 bit, it has a AMD Phenom Quad core processor, 5 gigabytes of ram, a Nvidia GeForce 450 GTS video card, and a 550 watt power supply (I don't believe any computer OS is better then the other, but I stick to Windows since its the first OS I used and I currently enjoy using.)

Bigshanks, Well when you ask for tricks I'm guessing you mean little secrets they put into the windows system. I'm guessing there are different ones for each upgrade but I will try to share what I can. My personal favorite is the music file on all Windows that most people don't know about. The way that you find this is by going into your C drive (or the drive where you store all your information in), then you go to the Windows file, open up the Media file, and play onestop. I found onestop pretty catchy to be honest. But a good location for more of this kind of thing is .

Stuart, The biggest video card companies out there as of now is Nvidia and ATI. When using either one it is usually quite difficult to tell the difference between when your using one or the other. But when you are trying to wring out all of the power of the video card, it is to my understanding the Nvidia is better at giving you performance (constant solid movement), and ATI is better at giving you the best picture quality.

This Guy, I'm going to have to put this one on hold. I think I will have to research that on a bit more before I can say anything useful.
Shaw, I will need to know more specifics on what it is that you need this program to do.
Reuel, you actually tripped on one of my weaknesses on this one. I don't really do cell phones, the only time I had one was about 5 years ago and that was only because it was free. So I can't honestly give information and say that it will work in this situation, sorry.

That will be it for this post. If you enjoyed the information on this post please feel free to check out the rest of my post. Have a good day on the day you see this.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Open request thread

Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time. But I thought that I should start paying attention to the blog again. Going to start up with a thread that will help me know what content you would like to see come out. So if you have anything you would like to know for computers, internet, or other technology leave a request in the comments. I will also start thinking of other general things that I think is good to know knowledge, but I would appreciate to hear your opinions as well.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing old console games on your computer

Do you have old games that you want to play but can't because either the game is broken in some way or missing cables for the system itself? Then there is a simple way to make it so you can play it on your computer. Though how simple it is really depends on what game console you want to work. There are programs out there, called emulators, that make it so that you can play games on the computer from arcade games to the Wii. But the later the generation of the console the more buggy it will be (anything from the Gamecube foreword will most likely give you more advance problems that more has to do with the fact that the emulator is still unable to keep up then problems on the users end.)

So the easiest emulator to work with is the SNES and the NES. The emulator for the SNES is called ZSNES, . Once you have made it to the site all you have to do is download the current version of the emulator made for your computer type. When you have downloaded the emulator you will have the potential to play any game for the system it emulates, but it does not come with the games you want to play attached so the next step will be to find the Rom for the game you want to play. You will not be able to find roms on the site that you get your emulator from, this is due to the fact that it is illegal for a person to own a rom of a game that they have not purchased for the original system. But after you use google to find a download of the rom that you want to play, all you have to do is put it in the folder that you have the emulator in (make sure the rom is not in a .zip folder). After you have both the emulator and the rom in place all you have to do is start the emulator and open the rom to start the game. Make sure to make the settings to your liking, mostly the controls.

For now I will leave the emulators at that. If you want to see instructions on how to get other emulators to work leave a comment at my most recent post. Also if you have any questions on any of my post, or if you have a new question entirely, you should also leave a comment on my newest post.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video Card or Dual Video Cards

Now this is one that I recently asked around for when a friend of mine was asking if he should upgrade or not. When is it better to have two weaker video cards or one stronger one. As with most computer parts it is very situational when it comes to what setting performs better then another. Both nVidia and ATI ,the top video card producers in my area, have been making it so that using two video cards will split the load of work instead of clashing against each other.

A good way to think about how one video card works compared to two video cards is thinking which is best having one horse pull the carriage or two horses pulling. If you have two horses pulling it will split the weight load and make it so its easier to run at full capacity. But the problem of having two is that it takes more energy to have both running. In many cases it is better to have two weaker video cards then one good video card. If you have the money, lucky to those of you who do, you can have two great video cards working together to speed through every little thing you want to do on the computer.

As of now most video cards are designed to be able to work with another video card. But any video card that retails for ~$80-100 are less compatible and will not get as much benefit as video cards from the newer series. So as I said before, using two video cards is more for people that have the money to get decent video cards, as well as the power supply and other things you would need to support and fully use the power you get from the setting.

If you have any questions of what I put up in this or earlier post, or if you have a question that I haven't yet addressed please leave them in the comments.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick update (leave any request in comments)

Recently got myself a new video card, a nVidia geforce 450 gts, and been enjoying the upgrade from my 9400 gt. During the time I was looking for performance differences between my 9400 and my next potential card I came upon a very useful site called , a nice site with some good info. Especially useful when you have to build your computer on a budget. The best budget buying is done on the internet, since most hardware store up the price from when they bought it, sites such as . More post when I get request that I feel confident to answer.