Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recommended Youtubers

     I think its time to change up the blog a bit. From now on I will be doing varied post about whatever I feel like posting at the time I make it. But this time I feel like sharing my favorite youtube channels that I tend to visit on a normal basis, in no particular order.

     DeceasedCrab is one of my first favorite when it comes to Lets players (people who play games and commentate over it, feel free to join them if you want). He has been making videos for a long time now and I still enjoy his old and new videos. He generally plays older or more unique games that you don't see many other people play. His commentary is quite whimsical and humorous most the time, at least as long as he isn't making a video after having dental surgery...
(Thanks to Lord-Hayati from deviantart.com for the picture.)


     Green9090 is a newer find for me, but I have been enjoying his videos. Quite a few of his videos are Lets plays,  but other times he is doing his best to introduce games he has found and finds interesting. His favorite type of games are ones that have randomly generated game-play mechanics, for example Binding of Isaac which makes up a majority of his videos. I especially enjoy his content of games he has found for most of them look very unique compared to most mainstream copy paste games.


     Jared mainly has videos of game reviews. His reviews are great from the standpoint of knowing that what he is saying is his own opinion as an experienced video gamer. He has overflowing passion that leaks out from every video he makes, which makes you feel like he actually cares about the game he is reviewing whether he is for or against the game. Also as a fellow Monster Hunter fan he earns a second thumbs up from me.


     Lastly, but definitely not least, Day9 the Starcraft caster. He has live streams nearly every single day of him teaching you how to become a better Starcraft player. His enthusiasm still surprises me every time I open one of his videos. Especially at the fact that he is nearing his 600th daily, the fact that he is able to come up with more and more informational content of Starcraft is astonishing. Even if you don't play Starcraft competitively you will still obtain enjoyment from watching his videos. He does very well at making it feel like he is there talking with you and not at you.

    Well for now that will be the end of the youtubers that I have been watching recently. This isn't a full list of all the channels I watch but I tried to mention the ones that really stand out to me. I hope this has led you to find new enjoyable videos to watch. Though I may not know when it will be, but I will see you next post.

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