Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some basics that should be well known to all who go online

I'm just going to put some information that can solve many problems for those newer to the internet.

1. Regardless to what sites you visit there is always a chance to get viruses through tricky link redirection to rogue ads on trustworthy sites. If you want a good free virus scanner I recommend AVG it is good to scan your computer regularly due to it being easy to get cookies that track which sites you go to. If you still think your computer may be infected or you would rather be protected from more then what AVG covers I also recommend using Malwarebytes which is more effective for picking out malware which can log the key input into your computer making your credit card numbers and passwords in danger.

2. If you are having problems with working with files called torrents then you probably need to know this information. When working with torrents you will always need a medium to be able to connect with other people which you download your information from, which I commonly use Utorrent. Utorrent is a self manageable program where all you need is a small file (usually just a few kilobytes) that lets it locate the computers that contain the information you seek. If what you download has 0 seeders (computers that are sharing the info) then you will not be able to download from that source (also if there is information that the other seeders do not have then the download will not complete). Once you have successfully have a torrent to 100% complete you will have the information stored in your downloads folder which is usually located in C:Users/(insert user name of which has the utorrent)/downloads.

3. If you are trying to find a torrent I would suggest that you would use Google... the only reason why I can not delve into this subject is the semi legal issues that most torrent sites are a part of. But if you need to use this process I would advise to be cautious of the sites that are found. A good way to tell if a site is authentic or not is by putting in enough info for the torrent you are finding but leave out enough so that when you look in the description that it fills in the parts you have left out. For example, if you are looking for music put in the album title then leave out the artist name the descriptions that have the artist name included are more likely to be valid then the ones that only contain the information that you have put in.

 4. If you have a file that you cant access that usual programs suggest that you have to burn it to a disc to access the information, there is another way to access it without wasting a disc. A program I use called Daemon tools (lite version is all that is necessary). With this you can access many files that you would normally have to burn. Basically what it does is make a drive in the computer called a Virtual Disc Drive that makes your computer process the information as if a CD/DVD is inserted into the computer. All you have to do is select the Mount option and locate the file that you are trying to access.

I'll leave it at this for now but if I see more request then I will make another update.


  1. Amen, people always think they are invincible, online its no exception

  2. hey man thanks for being a cool guy

  3. Daemon tools? That's actually really really helpful, bro. I never could understand how I was supposed to open or piece those files.